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I have been meditating on this dream for almost two months, and I believe the interpretation of it, is a word for the coming year 2022.

In the dream, my sister gifted me a pair of very futuristic-looking Adidas running shoes.

They were dark grey in color and had a light blue Adidas logo on the side.

I was so happy to have received those shoes and instantly placed them on my feet.

As soon as I wore them, a beautiful, light blue lily grew on each of the shoes. I looked down in awe at the beautiful flowers, and I started to run. I was running so fast, that I appeared as just a blur to the people watching me. As soon as I finished running, and reached my destination, I looked down at my feet, and I was now wearing leather sandals with straps around my ankles, and a linen tunic, just like ones you would imagine people would wear in the days of Jesus.

To gain understanding into this dream, and to fully grasp what The Lord Is saying, we need to look at every element of the dream.

1) My sister's name means: glory

2) Shoes mean: Readiness to spread the Gospel, mandate, possessing new territory, knowledge of The Word of God

3) New shoes: new mandate, new understanding, new territory, expansion

4) Grey: maturity and honor

5) Light blue: Holy Spirit, heavenly revelation

6) Lily: Jesus Christ, love, growing in the secret place, being clothed in spiritual glory

As I was asking for more understanding, The Lord told me to look at the history of the brand Adidas.

The name Adidas is the combination of the first and last name of the founder of the company, Adolf Dassler, Adi (that's what his family and friends called him), and the first three letters of his last name: Das. Adi-das.

As I studied his life, The Lord began to reveal to me, all the parallels between this young man, and the group of people that He Has trained and prepared for such a time as this, to bring about a futuristic era.

Adolf was born in a small town in Bavaria, his father was a shoemaker and his mother ran a small laundry business.

He and his brother worked for the family business delivering clean laundry to the customers, but his passion lied in sports.

He became a shoemaker and was able to combine his love of sports with his profession, by creating different types of shoes for each sport, like the spiked shoes for track and field athletes. His dream was to create a pair of shoes designed specifically for each sport so that the athlete's performance could be improved by wearing his shoes.

Adolf was a visionary, an innovator, way ahead of his time! He never let anything or anyone stop him! When he came back from the war at 20 years old, to a war torn,and poverty stricken Germany, he didn't let that deter him from his dream.

He had no money or supplies, so he scavenged the fields for any debris he could find.

He used helmets, leather bread pouches, uniforms, rubber and parachutes, anything he could use to make shoes! Due to severe poverty, Adolf could not afford a decent working area, so he produced shoes in the back of his mother’s laundry.

During those times, the supply of electricity was very undependable, so he often used to power his machines by connecting them with a stationary bike. He powered the machines by pedaling!

In 1924 his brother Rudolph joined the business, and in 1926 they could finally afford a small space for a factory.

Adolf's dream came true in 1936 when he convinced the American athlete Jesse Owens to wear his spiked shoes to compete in the Olympics held in Berlin. Jesse accepted and went on to win four events and break many records. After that, the company's success skyrocketed, but in 1948 the two brothers parted ways. Rudolph founded the company known as Puma, and they grew their respective companies into multi-billion dollar empires.

What is the Lord saying?

I believe that in this coming year, as the ones that have been created to be visionaries, innovators, and creators, will start walking in their God-given identity and destiny, they will run further and faster than they've ever run! They will cover more territory than they've ever covered, and they will conquer, and possess every place they will set foot on. Every sphere of influence, particularly the business mountain.

As they fully embrace their new mandate and begin to walk in it, they will grow in Heavenly wisdom, understanding, and revelation. They will be clothed and empowered with such resolve and boldness, that they themselves will be stunned at their own transformation. People will say: "How can someone be so bold and so humble at the same time?"

These visionaries will see the manifestation of their dreams!

I have given you a new mandate, not an easy one, but a great one! One that will revolutionize the way things are done in many areas. I have created you for this specific mandate, no one has ever been there, no one has ever done this, you are my visionary! You will know when, where and what, because as soon as you step into it, you will feeI as if you were born for it, and that's because you were! The manifestation of the fruits will be instantaneous. I know that getting here was not easy, I know that you have been through, battle after battle; but you have never given up, your determination has actually grown. I Am so proud of you my child! The people and things you had to separate from, were hindering your growth, your expansion. Just like Abraham and Lot had to separate to grow and expand, so did you have to leave the familiar so that you would be challenged, and stretched to fit into your new skin. You have used what you learned from the battles, to fuel your dreams, and hone your craft! What you see, what you imagine, what you dream, what you envision, will become reality. Doors will open wide, destiny helpers, and wealth will come to you so that you can accomplish what I have prepared for you, and what I have prepared you for!
This is the year of the CONCRETE VISIONARY!

Habakuk 2:2-3 AMP

Then the Lord answered me and said,

“Write the vision

And engrave it plainly on [clay] tablets

So that the one who reads it will run.

3 “For the vision is yet for the appointed [future] time

It hurries toward the goal [of fulfillment]; it will not fail.

Even though it delays, wait [patiently] for it,

Because it will certainly come; it will not delay.

Synonyms of CONCRETE (Merriam-Webster)

  • attested

  • authenticated

  • confirmed

  • demonstrated

  • established

  • proven

  • substantiated

  • valid

  • validated

  • verified

  • incontestable

  • incontrovertible

  • indisputable

  • indubitable

  • inescapable

  • irrefutable

  • undeniable

  • unquestionable

  • believable

  • convincing

  • literal

  • realistic

  • unmistakable

  • verifiable

  • authentic

  • bonafide

  • real-life

  • real-world

  • absolute

  • certain

  • final

  • hard

  • objective

  • palpable

  • positive

  • substantial

  • tangible

  • authoritative

  • certifiable

  • certified

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(spoken to me two years ago)

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