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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

For a while now, I wanted to share the testimony of the biggest miracle The Lord performed in my life that marked the beginning of my walk of faith, obedience and blind trust in my Father.

It was August 1994, my husband Daniele and I, had been dating for 6 months. I was 19, he was 21. It was a beautiful warm, summer night and we were driving around Pompei (Italy) on his vespa. Bumper to bumper traffic as usual, but we had a vespa, so we could just pass all the cars on the left on this small one way street. I layed the right side of my face on his back as I hugged him tight.

All I remember after that was hitting my face so hard behind his head and being catapulted fifteen feet in the air.

Someone opened their car door just as we were passing and we slammed right into it flying in the air and landing twenty feet away.

I found myself laying on my back on the edge of the sidewalk. In the midst of excruciating pain and panic, I frantically started moving my legs to make sure I wasn't paralyzed, as I yelled:" Where is Daniele?! Where is Daniele?"

A man scooped me up and ran a few hundred feet away to a clinic. Everytime they moved me or I tried to move, I felt hot daggers all over my sides and back. The clinic wasn't equipped with what they needed to find out what was wrong with me, so they transfered me thirty minutes away to a big hospital in Naples. I remember laying in the ambulance, Daniele holding my hand with tears in his eyes, thank goodness he wasn't badly hurt, besides a concussion, scrapes and bruises. I was shaking like a leaf and kept going in and out of consciousness. Once at the hospital, they x-rayed me, concentrating on the torso and pelvis and did ultrasounds of my internal organs. I had broken ribs, concussion and other minor injuries, and they wanted me to stay at the hospital for three weeks. I refused to stay because I had school exams and if I called my mom at 3am telling her I was in the hospital with broken ribs, she would have had a heart attack, so I signed myself out against the doctors' advice. They called me irresponsible and that they would not be held liable if something happened to me.

I spent two weeks in bed, not being able to move, in the humid, Southern Italian August heat, studying every single day. I gave my exams, and graduated.

That's when my life was turned upside down. I was late getting my period, and I was absolutely terrified! Daniele bought two pregnancy tests, and they were both positve. I remember standing in the bathroom of Daniele's clothing store, thinking my life was over. We were both speechless and had no idea what to do and how to tell our parents. My mom could see right through me, and asked what was wrong. I built up the courage to tell her and she was heartbroken. That is not what a parent dreams for their child.

As days went by, I realized that I was already pregnant at the time of the accident and that all the xrays might have hurt the baby, especially because they were all focused on the torso and pelvis.

I went to see a few doctors and they all said that there was a great chance of my baby being born deformed or with some sort of handicap and recommended termination, because I was so young. They said I would ruin my, my baby's and my family's lives if I decided to have it, but the decision was solely mine.

Can you imagine that type of burden and responsibility weighing on a 19 year old girl?? I went into a deep depression, crying all day, not eating, begging my mom and Daniele to tell me what to do, because I didn't want to be the one making the decision, but no one wanted to take that responsibility. I had to be the one to decide if to choose life, but at what cost?? Or death, but at what cost??

I am crying as I write this, reliving the sorrow I felt during one of the hardest times in my life. I did the only thing I could, I turned to God. I didn't think He would hear my plea, because I had sinned, and was unworthy of His love, but I had nothing left, so I locked myself in the bathroom, I cried until I had no tears left, I asked Him to forgive me and I begged Him to tell me what to do!! I heard Him as clear as day:

"Choose life and your faith and obedience will heal your child."

I suddenly felt an overwhelming peace and confidence, I said:

"Ok God, I will obey and trust You, and the sign that You have touched my baby, will be his blue eyes".

It just came out of mouth, without even thinking. I came out of that bathroom a different girl, like a caterpillar going through a metamorphosis. I felt no sadness, no fear, no dread; I was filled with joy, peace and hope for the future! I started telling everyone that my baby was going to be a beautiful blue eyed boy with black hair and rosy lips. The Lord even gave my husband a dream of our son sitting on a hospital table perfectly whole.

On May 29th, 1995 our beautiful, perfect son was born. He looked exactly how I described him and his eyes got lighter and lighter, until they turned into the most beautiful icy blue. He's the only one out of our beautiful four children to have blue eyes. He is going to graduate as a dentist in summer of 2021, and going on to study to become a maxellofacial surgeon. He has a gift of healing and everything he does, he does with excellence and finds favor wherever he goes. That touch of God in my womb, infused into him wisdom, intelligence and of course those blue eyes.

I want to encourage you to always choose life, always choose love, always choose obedience because God always rewards obedience!

We don't need to live in condemnation! If we repent, He will forgive us. If you have had an abortion in the past, and asked God to forgive you, He Has! You will see your baby in Heaven. The enemy will keep telling you that you are not worthy of God's love, but Jesus's blood Has made us worthy, pure and holy. There is so much love and grace in Him, no sin is too great!! His blood covers all, forver and ever.

We need to be like children, believe our Abba without doubting, because if you really know Him and know who you are in Him, you can't help but trust Him.

He loves you!!!

Deuteronomy 5:33

Stay on the path that the Lord your God has commanded you to follow. Then you will live long and prosperous lives in the land you are about to enter and occupy.

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