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This pasta shape is not traditionally eaten all'Amatriciana. Spaghetti is the cut of choice, but I just love how the crispy guanciale nestles itself inside some of the rigatoni and how the pasta ridges trap the delicious sauce. This dish has very few ingredients, which cannot be subbed for others! The main ones being: guanciale and Pecorino Romano DOP. Some versions use white wine and olive oil, but the authentic recipe doesn't. Find these authentic ingredients @capribakerybistro

Here is the very easy, super delicious recipe:


-200 gr spaghetti, bucatini or rigatoni from Gragnano

-100 gr guanciale

-250 gr San Marzano tomatoes

-50 g Pecorino Romano DOP

-Salt (amount depends on how salty the guanciale is, start with 1/4 tsp)

-Chili pepper or black pepper optional

1. Take skin off of the guanciale and cut into strips

2. Place guanciale in a cold pan on low heat and let it crisp up until fat has rendered and is transparent

3. Take the guanciale out with a slotted spoon and reserve

4.Turn heat on medium. Crush tomatoes with your hands and place in the pan with the fat from the guanciale

5. While sauce cooks and thickens (about 20 minutes), boil the water for the pasta and cook the pasta until almost al dente then transfer it to the sauce with half the Pecorino and toss

6. Plate, top with the crispy guanciale, more Pecorino Romano and enjoy!

Buon Appetito Amici!

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