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Here They Come From The Four Corners Of The Earth, My End Time Harvest Army of Queens

On July 18th I had the most interactive encounter I've ever had, and I am still processing the magnitude of it.

As I was worshipping the Lord, He instructed me to go t my room and get the vial of anointing oil, that our dear friends, prophet Dontrell Green, and his lovely wife Faith, gave my husband and me in March. I got the oil and waited for His instructions, then He said:

Now anoint your forehead

As I anointed my forehead, my knees instantly bent, and I found myself face down on the floor. I could feel the weight of His glory over me as if I was pinned down. After a few minutes, I was able to move, so I turned onto my back, arms wide open, and eyes closed.

I will try and explain what transpired, and what I saw, as best as I can, but I know my words will fall short, so tap into your creative mind. Jamie Lipe "Encounter" songs were playing, and as I laid on the floor, I suddenly felt my soul being pulled in and out of my body, like an elastic band. This happened three times, and on the third time, I felt quite queasy. This all happened very fast, and as I was trying to get past what my physical body was feeling, and trying to tune in to what The Lord was showing me, I saw what I can only describe as "winds". These four winds came from the four corners of the Earth, and they converged in the center of this immense space. This space was spherical, but this shape was more something I felt than something I saw as if I was in a bubble. It had no visible boundaries, no limits; everywhere I looked I saw infinity. The dominant color or substance was a cloudy looking white, separated in the middle by a light purple, blurry line, that separated the top half from the bottom half, but at the same time, it was one. It was like it was both things at the same time, it reminded of The Trinity, Three Beings in One, although these were two separate elements, fused into one.

As the four winds collided in the center, they began to form a vortex. The vortex turned into a giant, heavy door, like the ones at the entrance of a castle; out of this door came a procession of queens, all wearing very distinct, and unique regalia.

These women were from all parts of the world, of different ages, colors, cultures, shapes, and sizes. Although they were all different from one another, they marched in unison; their steps sounded like the march of an army, but they carried so much grace and joy! These queens had come out of an intense spiritual training; they were armed and equipped, not with physical weapons, but with spiritual ones, to occupy the places that The Lord Had prepared for them. There weren't there to fight, but to possess what was already theirs! As they marched to the tune of the drums, their march turned into a tribal dance! I could hear the drums shifting from a marching tune to the most exhilarating tribal tune I'd ever heard! They danced in perfect synchronicity, as they offered the most beautiful victory dance to The Father. As I kept admiring this stunningly beautiful sight, one of them turned and walked towards me; she grabbed my hands and pulled me right into the middle of the joyous assembly! Without even thinking, I started dancing with them, knowing exactly how to move! It came so naturally; just as our heavenly language flows out of our mouths without having to think, so the dance moves flowed right out of my spirit, they were part of me. The dance moves were just an expression of my worship, they were a type of language, just as much as my words, my paintings or my writings are; they are all beautiful offerings, expressions of worship to our Lord!

I came out of this encounter deeply branded, the marks on my flesh and my soul are even more evident than before. I asked Him: "What does it all mean?"

He said:

I Am breathing my Ruahk over my daughters, resurrecting their identities, their dreams and visions! I Am calling my precious daughters from all the four corners of the Earth! They have been under such intense warfare! They are coming out of a grueling season of trials, but that only fueled their fire! It served as a spiritual bootcamp, and now they are ready to ruel and reign! They are my brides! The ones with lamps overflowing with oil! But not just any oil, but a very costly oil, the most precious oil! They are the "unnamed" ones, the ones that poured that costly oil on my feet, oil mixed with tears, oil that was wiped with their hair! They are the ones that offend the religious! The ones that are labeled unworthy, unequipped, the fatherless, the overlooked, the rejected, the discarded.

He then laughed and continued:

I laugh at the opinion of man! So many will be offended by what I will do through my daughters. I will place them at the top of every single mountain of influence, starting with the Mountain of Religion! Man has made a "religion" out of the Mountain of Religion! I will use My daughters to conquer this mountain, not only in the secular world, but in the church!
I Am tired of my daughters being cosidered less than man, therefore being denied the same opportunities that men are given! This was never my intent! They have had to fight for everything that was already meant to be theirs! They have had to live their lives digging themselves out of a pit, that society has placed them in, just for being born females! Do you think I willed that? Do you think I would let My son be raised by a woman for 33 years if I thought women weren't worthy, or equal to men?! Whoever thinks that, doesn't know Me at all!
You see the harvest is ripe and the workers are few, but this harvest is different, it needs a different kind of harvesting technique. It needs a tender method, it needs gentleness, it needs mothers. I Am about to show off My End Time Harvesting Army, my secret weapons! There is a fresh anointig falling on my daughters, an anointing that has been paid for with a very high price!
I am calling them forth, from the four corners of the Earth! They are coming together, uniting hands, gifts, talents and skills. Linking together to form a mighty, strong bond that no weapon can destroy, because I am the glue holding it all together! My army is coming out! My army is marching forth! My army is ready to invade and occupy! My army is ready to harvest! Don't let the chains of religion keep you from experiencing this might move! Join together with my daughters, hand in hand, and you will bring in the biggest harvest the world, and the Kingdom has ever seen!

The Lord Has been preparing an army of women for His end-time harvest. They are sold-out lovers of Christ, anointed for such a time as this! Unashamed to be His hands and feet, ready to sacrifice everything to bring one lost sheep back to The Father. They are bold, they are smart, they have favor with man, they are talented; they are not intimidated by men or other people's success. They are unique, they look different, they speak differently, they are visionaries, and are relentless in their pursuit of their bridegroom! They are atmosphere changers, and demons are terrified of them because these women know who and whose they are, and what they carry! Their weapons are invisible to the naked eye, but not to the spirit world! They have a sword in their mouth, a crown on their head, and a staff in their hand! They are the modern-day Esthers, Deborahs, Jaels, Miriams, Sarahs, Hannas, Mary Magdalenes, Priscillas, and Lydias, and they will make a mark that will reverberate all through eternity!

Joshua 18:3

Then Joshua asked them, “How long are you going to wait before taking possession of the remaining land the Lord, the God of your ancestors, has given to you?

Ezekiel 37:9-10 NLT

9 Then he said to me, “Speak a prophetic message to the winds, son of man. Speak a prophetic message and say, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Come, O breath, from the four winds! Breathe into these dead bodies so they may live again.’”

10 So I spoke the message as he commanded me, and the breath came into their bodies. They all came to life and stood up on their feet—a great army.

One of the meanings of the word wind from the Hebrew"Rooakh" in the Strong's Concordance, is:

- Imparting warlike energy and executive and administrative power

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6 commentaires

Melony Young
Melony Young
09 août 2022

I cried through this, too! Thank you for sharing your experience

Rosangela Atte
Rosangela Atte
10 août 2022
En réponse à

You're very welcome! Blessings ❤️


Wow! I cried all through this message. The Annointing was all over me while I absorbed this Vision, so powerful. All Praise & Glory to the King of Kings & Lord of Lords. Rise! oh Mighty Women of the World. United we stand...divided we fall. I've entered the ranks of the Queens of Creation, the Army of the Lord. With a sword in my mouth, wearing the Armour of the Lord & washed in the precious blood of Yeshua, our Saviour & Lord. Rise Ladies. Get in formation. Our Bridegroom is coming.🤴👰🏻‍♀️

Rosangela Atte
Rosangela Atte
10 août 2022
En réponse à

Hallelujiah 🔥❤️

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