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Gemelli Pasta With Fresh Tomatoes, Sheep Ricotta, And Pistachio


-500 g gemelli

-2 cups sheep ricotta

-1 kg fresh tomatoes

-1 cup ground pistacchio

-1 cup grated pecorino

-1/2 cup EVOO

-2 garlic cloves

-Fresh basil


Place a large pot of water on the stop for your pasta.

Heat up a large pan, add the EVOO and garlic. Cook for a few seconds and add the tomatoes basil and salt. Cook until tomatoes are soft and juicy. Mix the ricotta, and the grated pecorino with a cup of pasta water and mix until smooth.

When pasta is almost al dente add to the pan, add the ricotta mixture, the ground pistachio, and stir until everything is well combined. Add more fresh basil some coarsely ground pistachio and serve! Buon Appetito Amici!




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