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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I received this word on July 1st of 2019, but The Lord brought it to my memory and told me to share it.

The Lord Has been speaking to me about new, fresh revelation coming to His hungry children that will be birthed only out of intimacy with Holy Spirit. This came in the form of a vision of a dove carrying a light blue mantle in its beak, it placed it on my shoulders and then rested on my head.

The Lord said: "Holy Spirit will mantle my children with new revelation, blueprints, words of knowledge, solutions, ideas and heavenly wisdom." Everything we will need to succeed in this next season, beginning today July 1st, second half of this year, in which the plans of The Lord for our lives, ministry and businesses will start to unravel. Later the same day in my time of prayer, I saw a female looking angel with long black hair. The angel's wings were spread, and was holding a book, The Word of God, and from It a river was flowing towards me. Holy Spirit said that The angel of Revelation Has been released and through The Word of God we will be able to see things and understand things we were not able to see and understand before, simply because it was not the right time. Those things of which The Word speaks that have been sealed and hidden: Daniel 12:4, Isaiah 45:3, Matt.13:11, Prov.25:2, and many other verses, are about to be revealed to those who are hungry and seek the face and heart of God. This knowledge will flow like a river into our Spirit and soul changing us form the inside out so that His glory can shine through us.

Let's press in to God and seek His will and we will see His glory manifested powerfully! Amen!

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