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Fettuccine With Asparagus, Prosciutto, and Shitake

Updated: Feb 10

A creamy, dreamy plate of fettuccine!So much flavor in one fork full. Salty, meaty, creamy, and fresh. The lemon zest gives it such freshness and brightens the whole thing!


-250 gr of dry fettuccine (if using fresh use 300 gr)

-250 ml heavy cream

-125 ml white wine

-100 gr Prosciutto di Parma

-150 gr shitake or other mushrooms

-150 gr asparagus

-1 shallot

-2 tbsp butter

-2 tbsp Parmigiano Reggiano

-1tbsp minced parsley

-Lemon zest

-1/2 tsp salt or to taste


1. Thinly slice shallot, chop asparagus reserving the tips, slice mushrooms, and cut prosciutto into strips

2. Turn pasta water on high and heat up a pan on medium heat

3. Add butter to the pan, once meted add shallot

4. Gently sweat the shallot and add white wine

5. When wine reduces halfway, add mushrooms

6. Once wine has completely reduced, add Prosciutto and asparagus

7. Cook for a few minutes and add cream

8. Start cooking the pasta, and when pasta is 2 minutes from being al dente, add the asparagus tips to the water

9. Remove tips after 1 minute and reserve

10. Drain pasta and reserve some pasta water

11. Add pasta to the cream sauce along with 4 oz of pasta water

12. Toss pasta for 1 minute, add parsley and Parmigiano, and stir

13. Plate, top with sauce, garnish with asparagus tips, grate some lemon zest on top, and enjoy!Buon Appetito Amici 💚

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