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In the early morning of October 1st, I went into a vision. I saw myself standing, and behind me stood an angel. I was looking at the scene from the outside in, as if watching a movie. As I performed my daily activities in the vision, I was completely unaware of his presence, but he was completely concentrated on my every move and every word that came out of my mouth. As I watched, I had the knowledge that this angel had been there to aid me, guide me, act on my behalf and work with me, but I knew his time with me had come to an end. All of a sudden, another angel, that looked different than the first one, came into the scene and stood behind him. “My” angel extended his right arm to the back, as the “new” angel passed him a scroll in the same manner, a track and field athlete passes the baton to his teammate in a relay race. As soon as he had the scroll in his hand, "my" angel flew off faster than lightning! As I watched this scene unfold, I asked The Lord:

Lord what am I witnessing here?

He said:

“What you are seeing is a changing of the guards. The angel that was with you, was assigned to you in the last season to help you accomplish your past assignment, and has now been assigned to someone else. As you step into this new season of upgrade, you will need angelic reinforcements of higher rank to assist you in your new, weighty, assignment. This assignment carries more revelation, more responsibility, more authority, and more influence, but it will also require more faith, more obedience, more trust, and more consecration from you, to see it fulfilled. All the knowledge you need to fulfill your new assignment is contained in the scroll that each one of my angels is given when dispatched to a new post, and it is up to you to unravel and discover the contents. This new angel assigned to you is the ANGEL OF IMPOSSIBILITY, a type of angel that will assist you in accessing the realm of the IMPOSSIBLE. A dimension that is only accessed by completely letting go of your natural senses. You need to let go of the past, the present and what you think the future will look like, because what I am about to do through you and with you, has never been seen before. This is the knowledge that has been sealed and stored for such a time as this. There is so much knowledge, assistance, and power at your disposal, but you need to activate it by speaking and acting according to My will. If you dwell in My presence, My desires become your desires, and when you dwell in Me, and My words dwell in you, you may ask whatever you wish ad it will be done for you. You see, we all work together, you dwell in Me, My words dwell in you and when you speak them out, my angels harken to My words, and they carry them out. But if you speak something that is contrary to My words, they cannot carry it out, because they are created to listen and respond to The Word of God!
I am calling you to THE REALM OF THE IMPOSSIBLE! Where the things you speak materialize before your eyes, because you speak MY WORD, by which everything was created! Where your imagination and dreams have no limits! Shed your carnal mind, become like a child again! Learn to live from your heavenly seat, at the right hand of Jesus and you will be part of the greatest move of My Spirit the earth has ever experienced!”

What an incredible reality, to know that we can cooperate with the angels assigned to us, to accomplish the will of God on the Earth!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss any opportunity to work with Heaven! To see miracles, signs and wonders displayed on the Earth by being obedient. The whole creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God! We are the sons of God! We have the power and authority to manifest the impossible by speaking His words! May we fully walk into our identity and destiny in Him every day of our earthly life as we partner with Heaven to bring Heaven's realiry to Earth!

Image created by Fiorella Giordano. You will soon be able to purchase prints of her amazing AI-generated art once her online store is set up.

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