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Caramelized Onions

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I think caramelized onions should have their own International Holiday! For me, everyday is CARAMELIZED ONION DAY!🧅 They just add so much flavor and depth to any dish you add them too! They're worth every single tear I shed as I'm cleaning and slicing them.😭 I absolutely love to see the evolution they go through. From pungent to sweet, from white to to brown, from crisp to soft and jamy. Quite the metamorphosis, the best example of Maillard reaction🙌 My tips for the best, caramelized onions are: 🧅Don't slice the onions too thin, or they will break down too much 🧅Use a heavy bottomed pan or pot with a lid, they can burn very easily, and the lid helps them stay moist by creating steam 🧅Use a combination of butter and oil, butter imparts incredible caramely, nutty flavor, and oil helps raise the smoking point of the butter, so it doesn't burn 🧅Cook on low and don't rush the process, it takes time 🧅Add thyme, it just tastes so good🤎 🧅Salt the onions at the beginning. It helps the onions expell their juices and gently cook, instead of browning too quickly 🧅Deglaze with wine or stock once the juices reduce 🧅Add balsamic vinegar and sugar (if using) after the onions have completely cooked. The acid and sugar toughen the fibers, inhibiting the onion from getting soft Now, let's get caramelizing🏃🏻‍♀️🧅🤎


🧅1 kg sliced onions 🧅3 Tbs EVOO or other mild tasting oil 🧅1/4 cup butter 🧅2 tsp salt 🧅1/4 cup white wine 🧅2 Tbs white or brown sugar 🧅2 Tbs balsamic vinegar

METHOD Melt butter in a heavy bottomed pot on medium-low. Add oil and thyme. Add onions and salt and cover with lid. Stir every 5 minutes, keeping pot covered until onions start expelling their juices. Turn heat on low, cover and let the magic begin. Check on the onions once in a while, making sure they are not sticking to the bottom. Once onions are completely cooked and juices are thick, deglaze with the wine and let the alcohol evaporate. Once you are happy with color and texture, add vinegar and sugar (if using), let them cook down and done! Ways I like to use caramelized onions are: 🧅Pasta sauces 🧅On focaccia 🧅Instead of sauce on pizza, topped with goat cheese, then when out of the oven add arugla and balsamic glaze 🧅Top brie and then bake until melted 🧅Add to scalloped potatoes 🧅Add to vegetable gratins 🧅Bake in bread 🧅Make an aoili 🧅Add to a sandwich 🧅On a charcuterie board as a condiment It has endless, delicious uses, just use your imagination!

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