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In the early morning of September 1st, an angel of The Lord came to me.

He was the most beautiful angel I have ever seen. He was probably 20 feet tall, had long, flowing dark hair, and great, enormous wings. The night was around him and stars, were dancing all about him. He did not speak but was holding a clock, and showed it to me, the time was 00:00.

Holy Spirit spoke to me and said:

'The Angel of Time has come to reset time, restore things, and bring you rest. The clock has been reset to 00:00 to set things in order. Where there was chaos and confusion, there is going to be order and resolution. What hasn't happened in years, will happen in the blink of an eye! Some things, relationships, and lives will come to an end, but only to usher in THE NEW. In the past season, you have felt like a ship without a rudder, tossed to and fro by the waves. No sun in the sky, no land in sight. But I am blowing wind across the earth, that will make the waters recede, and it will stop the rains from falling, and you will find yourself resting on solid ground. Just as Noah's ark rested on Mount Ararat, you are coming to your place of rest. And as you patiently wait for the waters to dry up, and the land to be exposed, I will use this time of waiting and transitioning to prepare you for the new. I will fill you with knowledge, and strategies, and I will show you things you've never seen or heard of before. I will give you a new lease on life as you learn to do things differently, and make bold decisions purely based on my directions! Just as I instructed Noah on how and when to build the ark, and he obeyed without hesitation, I am going to give you specific instructions on how, what and when to build, that which I have called you to build upon the earth in this new era. You will succeed because your eyes are set on Me, your heart's desire is to please Me. You have not defiled yourself with what the world offers, you have remained holy and pure in my sight, I have blessed you because of your faithfulness my child. You have endured much injustice. Things have been taken from you, and words have been spoken against you, the time has come to make all things new. I have reset time in your favor, to restore you, to bring you rest, and to shut those voices speaking words of witchcraft over your life! Watch as my heavenly timeline intersects with the earthly timeline, disrupting the plans of the enemy and resetting time to 00:00 hour! Things will start opening up, as I will reveal that which has been hiding in plain sight. You will see people and things for what they really are. Your spiritual sight will be like that of the eagle, enabling you to see what is hidden from the human eye. It is time for my Remnant to arise, to rebuild, to repossess, invade, and take over all the 7 mountains of influence, armed with My Word and endowed with supernatural boldness!"

As we enter into the new Hebrew year 5783 which means "to be exposed or bare", all through the beginning of the Gregorian year 2023 there is an urgency to seek The Lord like never before. As He reveals and exposes things, we need to incline our ears to His instructions. We have to cooperate with Him to see things come to pass on this earth. We cannot afford to be timid, lukewarm, procrastinate, and slack if we want to see His promises and plans manifest. He Is giving us the opportunity to partner with Him as His chosen people, to be part of a glorious era. A wave of His glory will sweep over the whole earth, bringing repentance, revival, and the biggest harvest of souls the Kingdom has ever experienced! The Angel of Time has been dispatched to reset time to 00:00, to set things right, to restore us, and to give us rest, but this is also a call to action!

Zero Hour means:

-the hour at which a planned military operation is scheduled to start

-the time at which a usually significant or notable event is scheduled to take place

-a time when a vital decision or decisive change must be made


We will be faced with big, scary decisions, that will not only impact us and our families but also The Kingdom.

We can clearly see in The Word of God, that every time there was a disruption in someone's life, The Lord was "RESETTING" them for something NEW (Joseph, Daniel, Esther, Israel, and many more examples) as they stepped out in obedience, and fulfilled their callings.

When the flood came, God was re-establishing His people and completely resetting them.

Genesis 7:5 NLT

So Noah did everything as the Lord commanded him

Genesis 8:1-3 NLT

8 But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and livestock with him in the boat. He sent a wind to blow across the earth, and the floodwaters began to recede.2 The underground waters stopped flowing, and the torrential rains from the sky were stopped.

3 So the floodwaters gradually receded from the earth. After 150 days,4 exactly five months from the time the flood began, the boat came to rest on the mountains of Ararat

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