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A Decade Of Rest Culminating Into Glory

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

I asked The Lord for a word for the month of October and the new Hebrew year


He simply replied :

"Shana Tovah Um'tukah! This next season you will taste and see that The Lord IS good!"

I said :"But Lord, You Are ALWAYS good!"

"I know I AM, but if you are careful to listen and obey, and follow my commands, I will give you a taste of the age to come, so that the world will know that only I could do such things! I will cause you to come into a deep place of REST from watever has plagued you in the past seasons. You will build with ease and excellence! But you will need to posture yourself. Cleanse your life from all the things you know do not please Me. Sanctify yourself, get rid of your own agenda, and get on My calendar, get on My timeline and I will show you great and mighty things!"

Next season we are entering, will be the culmination of the appointed time of REST that The Lord Has been speaking about for a long time.

A season in which there will be restoration, restitution, and retribution, which will result in us coming into a time of REST. But we need to posture ourselves to REST in order to receive His perfect REST. In fact He specifically spoke about REST being essential for us to receive what He Has prepared for us, without hindrances. He was not only referring to a physical REST, but a mental, and emotional state of REST as well. We need, by faith, to REST in His promises, follow and obey, in order to come into a complete and perfect state of REST that will become a natural state of being, even in the midst of chaos.

Sleep will be an integral part of our preparation, as The Lord will use the night time to impart His wisdom into us. As we sleep, we are not distracted by our surroundings, we are not ruled by our emotions. Our mind is at REST, our body is repairing itself, our energy is renewed.

The Holy Spirit can now do His work without us getting in the way. We are asleep, but our soul isn't. We can recieve without hindrances, we are like blank slates, dry sponges, ready to absorb all that The Spirit wants to impart in us.

We need to posture ourselves to recieve as we get ready for bed. Listen to worship music, have a notebook and pen on our night stand ready to write anything He speaks to us. Meditate on The Word and ask Holy Spirit to speak to us while we sleep.

The Lord never sleeps or slumbers. He Is always speaking, always creating, always teaching, but most of the times, we are completely unaware of Him, because we are too busy with our daily activities.

Night time is the perfect time to impart His wisdom, and the perfect conditions for us to recieve it.

Our physical REST will thus result into our mental and emotional REST. He will use our time of sleep, to download and impart in us Heavenly wisdom. We will wake up with solutions to problems that we didn't know how to solve before. We will recieve, witty ideas and revelations on how and what to build for the Kingdom of God. There will be an ease to everything we set our minds and hands to; we won't have to toil as we have in the last seasons.

Just as Solomon woke up with wisdom beyond measure, just as Jacob received revelation while sleeping on how to multiply his flocks, so will we be endowed with problem solving skills to solve seemingly impossible problems.

He specifically spoke about a decade, year 2033 and 5793, paying particular attention to the number 3.

According to Dr. Stephen E.Jones, Biblically, the number 3 signifies, perfection, God, The Trinity, divine things, to be lifted up, being glorified to a position of authority.

The number 9 speaks of God's "visitation". God as an investigator, "visiting" a person, a city or a nation, to expose the hearts.

The number 33 is the number of a Sign, that is the confirming evidence establishing a prophetic word.

This ten-year period of exponential growth, advancement, and expansion of His Remnant and His Kingdom, will culminate with God's glory being manifested on the earth through His faithful children, establishing His Kingdom.

There will be also be a great sifting, which will see many fall away. His glory will rest heavily upon His children, and it will manifest in such ways that the world will want to "buy" what we have. There will be a great distinction between His children and the world, as it should be.

Just like the sorcerer, Simon tried to buy the power to impart The Holy Spirit from the apostles.

The world will wonder: "How did they achieve that, in such a short amount of time?" "How did they receive such favor from such people?" "What medication did they take to get healed?" "What kind of cosmetics do they use to look so young?" "How did they become so wealthy?" "Why are their children so beautiful and blessed?" "Why are they always full of joy?" "How and where can we get what they have?"

They will ask us, they will offer us everything in exchange for some of that glory and favor that rests upon us.

Remnant gird up your loins and ready yourselves for battle, because this time of REST will not come without a price, but the cost is nothing compared to the glory we will experience with God by our side!

Shana Tovah Um'tukah means "Sweet new year"

Psalm 34:8 NLT

Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Job 33:14-18 NLT

For God speaks again and again,

though people do not recognize it.

15 He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night,

when deep sleep falls on people

as they lie in their beds.

16 He whispers in their ears

and terrifies them with warnings.

17 He makes them turn from doing wrong;

he keeps them from pride.

18 He protects them from the grave,

from crossing over the river of death.

Jeremiah 33:3 NKJV

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.

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Bella Sophie McKendree
Bella Sophie McKendree
09 de out. de 2022

Wow yes! Spot on! It is a season of REST absolutely! When we entered the new Hebrew year I dreamt of God giving me a giant beautiful calender and I realised it meant a whole new timetable!

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